India’s Staybird Hotels and Apartments Sees a 2X Spike in Revenues With Hotelogix

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India’s Staybird Hotels and Apartments Sees a 2X Spike in Revenues With Hotelogix
India’s StayBird Hotels and Apartments witness 2X spike in revenues with Hotelogix Multi-property Management System

Group name

StayBird Hotels and Apartments

Number of properties


How did they manage operations before Hotelogix

On-premises system

Association with Hotelogix

Since 2019

Solutions offered

Multi-property Management System, Mobile Hotel PMS App, Channel Manager integration

About the client

StayBird Offers a collection of the best service apartments and business hotels in Pune, Maharashtra. Their chain of service apartments, business hotels, and guesthouses are built with love to make guests feel at home. The hospitality entity aims to grow its portfolio by adding new properties across India.


The hospitality group was running operations across properties with on-premises Hotel PMSs. From a pricing point of view, it was a costly affair, leading to higher software ownership costs. Plus, it lacked process automation capabilities. Other areas of concern were:

  • Lack of centralised control over the group operations
  • Manually updating OTAs with rates and availabilities
  • Inability to sell more via OTAs, corporates, and travel agents
  • Loss of business opportunities due to rampant overbookings
  • No on-the-go access to the PMS and hotel data

The group soon realised that the cloud is the only way to overcome the above mentioned challenges. It decided to adopt the Hotelogix multi-property management system in 2019.

“Migrating to the cloud with Hotelogix was vital for us to manage group operations centrally and sell more through efficient distribution.â€

Shrikant Bansode, CEO and Co-Founder StayBird Hotels and Apartments


After carefully examining the client’s issues and desired outcomes out of IT investment, Hotelogix offered:

  • Multi-property management system
  • Mobile Hotel PMS App
  • Channel manager connect
  • Group-wide reports
  • Central guest history


First and foremost, the Hotelogix multi-property management system has helped the client manage all five properties with centralised control. They can also access it anytime and anywhere to know the group- property-level positions on the go. Some other noteworthy benefits witnessed by the group are:

  • Significant boost in room sales via OTAs, travel agents, and corporate clients, leading to a 2X rise in their revenues

“With Hotelogix, our reservation team can configure rates/packages for OTAs and contracted rates for corporates and travel agents. It has led to increased room sales through all those three sources, resulting in a 2X rise in our revenues in 2022 compared to 2021.† Shrikant Bansode, CEO and Co-Founder StayBird Hotels and Apartments

  • Enhanced capabilities to measure business outcomes and track KPIs with group-level reports
  • Efficiently knowing guests’ preferences and offering them customised services with access to centralised guest history
  • Over 90% of time saved in automatically updating rates and availabilities across OTAs
  • Zero overbookings

“Earlier, 4-5 staff manually updated rates and inventories on OTAs. It was a labour-intensive, costly, and error-prone process. But thanks to Hotelogix and channel manager integration, the whole thing is automated and happens in real-time, saving over 90% of the time, and we no longer need to have a 4-5-member team. Most importantly, we now have zero overbookings.â€

Shrikant Bansode, CEO and Co-Founder StayBird Hotels and Apartments

A business association that lasts long

“Hotelogix multi-property management system has fulfilled our needs for centralised group operations. It has accelerated our post-Covid growth rate. We plan to increase our footprint in India by adding new properties this year and would want Hotelogix to be our technology backbone.â€

Shrikant Bansode, CEO and Co-Founder StayBird Hotels and Apartments

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