Luxury Hotels for lesuire business travellers

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Luxury Hotels for lesuire business travellers

Business travel has always been a predominant part of business. Business travel was the industry that was most affected in the two years of the global pandemic. There were strict restrictions on domestic as well as international travel. It affected the business and had a physiological impact on both the travelers and the company. Even after the pandemic is over and everything has normalized, business strategies have changed. Many meetings are held virtually, but business travel is still an important part of many businesses. Traveling for business purposes not only enhances your economic growth but also allows you to experience the culture of a new state or city. Traveling to new destinations and meeting other end-user professionals helps hone their academic-technical knowledge and ideas. Sharing ideas and knowledge is an ancient method from ancient times, which explains why humans are the most biologically social animals on earth.

Staybird hotels are designed with all the luxury to meet the demand for an efficient workspace.

Reasons why you should only go with Staybird for your business travel:

  1. Hassle-free travel and stay: The hotel provides clear invoices, which visitors might later use to request reimbursement from the finance department. After staying in some hotels, it becomes very stressful for the employee to claim their cash from the office team. However, we effortlessly simplify the part of generating invoices and travel expenses for you.
  2. Pleasure, privacy, and personal space: Staybird respects your privacy and aloofness. We don’t allow any sharing of rooms or your personal space without your consent. After a busy day, you can simply inform the desk of the “do not disturb” tag. We will do it and make sure no one disturbs you during your personal time.
  3. Ameliorate experience: we don’t follow conventional methods of expense management, such as last-minute booking or cancellation or confusing terms and conditions; for these, we have an automatic software tool that undoubtedly works efficiently. Providing you with 100% pleasure and tension-free travel.
  4. Explore Pune culture: Stay Bird is established in the paramount location of Kharadi, Pune. So, after completing your official tasks, why not take advantage of the exotic food and fashion that come with being in the middle of the culture of the city? The hotel arranges a cab for your city with additional charges. Near Eon It Park, visitors can find many restaurants and bars delivering scrumptious dishes.

StayBird offers special fares and discounts on cooperative bookings and cooperative events. Visitors can avail themselves of special services (spa, gym, and body massage) on demand.

Room services:

  • Free WiFi is available in rooms and common areas.
  • TV with all premium channels
  • wardrobe, fridge, tea or coffee maker.
  • highly designed, fully furnished rooms.
  • 24×7 room service

We stand with the same facilities and Best services as before the pandemic, but we have taken additional safety and hygienic precautions and measurements. Hotel Staybird in Kharadi, Pune ensures that your next business stay will be professionally remarkable, and personally memorable.

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