Plan Your Destination Wedding at Hotel Staybird: Wedding Season Is Here.

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Marriages are made in heaven, but we make them unforgettable for you. Glance no more additional venue to tie the knot and say your lifetime vows with your beloved partner. Staybird exotic Hotel’s indoor and outdoor arrangements and decoration will steal your breath. The wedding day in India is the most auspicious and holy day for the groom and bride, and the complete family celebrates with great vigor. However, the best part of the wedding is the starters, food, and beverages.

Suppose you are seeking stunning locations for wedding ceremony traditions such as Haldi, ladies’ sangeet, and pre-wedding and post-wedding arrangements, then at first glance. In that case, your choice should be Hotel Staybird at the prime location of Kharadi, Pune.

Arrangements for guests:

We take care of your guests personally as we are one of the renowned hotels famous for our hospitality and warm welcome.

No matter, from which part of the country are your guests coming? Punjabi, South India, North India, or Maharashtra, we address each guest individually according to your culture and taste.

Numerous themes for numerous events: An epic wedding is made with an epic chorus.

Every to-be bride and groom expect ideals and unique themes for their multiple events such as tilak, mehndi, and sangeet ceremony. Some people choose natural lights and pastel colors, and some opt for bright colors and pampered fairy tales.

  1. Fairy-tale wedding:

    Be a pampered princess on your special day of life. Plump for two of your favorite princess, Cinderella or Rupnzal, and arrest your memories in the castle theme and decorations. Red roses symbolize love and bondage between partners, and the floral wedding theme is perfect for wintry seasons.

  2. Vintage theme:

    Old is gold. These days, some people still love to travel back in time and enjoy vintage articles based on old songs and wooden furniture, carry some ceremonies by making a grand entry via vintage car.

  3. Maharashtrian theme:

    Sakhar Puda is the official wedding ceremony in Marathi wedding followed by sweets and Sakhar.

Sakhar means sugar in Hindi, and the ritual behind this is always to begin a relationship by eating sugar to keep the relationship as sweet as sugar. The colors signify an essential exchange of thoughts and happiness with each other. Yellow and green colors are symbols of happiness and prosperity. Maharashtrian wedding is a cultural wedding in Maharashtra that is traditional.

These pre-wedding traditions hold an emotional place in the family’s life. These gatherings are among loved ones and relatives may. The way of performing and attire for everyone is different, but the feeling is the same for everyone.


Give your guest a memorable feast and raise a toast to your new beginnings in several ways with us:

  1. Host an epic cocktail party:

    Throwing a cocktail party can be historic and fun. A cocktail party is for the young generation and youth who love to celebrate their day in their way. However, guests of every age will find something to enjoy at these parties. Your guests will love the surprises and drinks arranged by the Hotel Staybird in Kharadi, Pune.

  2. Starters and main course:

    After bustling dance on the dance floor and accomplishing all the rituals, everyone would love to quest their appetite with delicious and mouthwatering dishes. Hotel stay bird doesn’t serve the old and boring dishes of marriages. Our bunch of chefs only stick to traditional cuisine. They believe in preparing new savory dishes for guests from far distances to attend your wedding events.

Finishing words:

We have an exclusive list to choose from while planning a memorable wedding that can be remembered for ages. These themes are ideal for the perfect couple who also needs to be trendsetters on their Instagram and Facebook profiles. So why choose an average quiet wedding? Instead, make it something grand and stylish with Staybird Hotel.


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